Talas American College

Talas American College

It was built in 889 by Americans to spread missionary. Since the first quarter of the 19th century in our country, missionary activity has been carried out through schools and hospitals.

The American missionary organization ABCFM (American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions), which is not affiliated with a certain sect, has operated in many different countries outside of the USA, and has started its missionary work in the Ottoman State since 1820.

Before this school take place in the Republic of Turkey Maarif system, in the early 1870s, American missionary organization ABCFM (American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions) by Talas, Armenians and girls before for Greek boys, followed by primary school as boys school / was established at the secondary school level. Within this system, the founding date of Talas American College is accepted as 1889.

It was in 1927 that the school was included in the Republic education system as a boarding male secondary school providing English education. Talas American College started education with 25 students on October 15, 1928.
Since its foundation, it continued its educational activities until 1967, together with schools and hospitals in various buildings. The school was closed in 1967.

In 1974, he bought the Body Dressage and restored it and put it into service as a National Team camp site. In 1976, the building was handed over to the Directorate of Youth and Sports and was used as a wrestling national team camp.