Erci̇yes International Snow Festival For The Disabled Has Become A Custom

Erci̇yes International Snow Festival For The Disabled Has Become A Custom

Hosting national and international events, Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş is also making improvements in terms of social responsibility projects. The ‘Erciyes Snow Festival for the Disabled’, organized annually by the Erciyes Winter and Nature Sports Club for the Disabled in order to ensure that the disabled people feel themselves more comfortable in social arena by undertaking responsibilities in social, sportive and cultural activities. The 7th of the festival has been held this year, which was first introduced in the year of 2011. Hearing, seeing and physically handicapped people are gathered from domestic and international origins through the activity held each year under the slogan of ‘No obstacles for Erciyes’.

Organized in order to eliminate social prejudices and to give the chance to express themselves in society for the disabled, the first festival in Turkey for the disabled has an important place in that it creates a point of view among the disabled as well as in society.


Erciyes A.Ş. indicates that there are no obstacles in Erciyes through the activity it organizes regularly each year since its foundation by gathering the disabled. Our visitors, staying on the mountain throughout the festival both have fun through participating in competitions, sportive activities, concerts and other activities and also spend enjoyable time by skating. Erciyes International Snow Festival for the Disabled, becoming a bigger event each year, is on its way to become a huge platform for the disabled.


Maintaining its actions under the framework of Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş., Erciyes Winter and Natural Sports Club Association for the Disabled has been providing possibilities for the disabled to social by organizing social responsibility projects. Gathering thousands of disabled people each year, the club ensures that the disabled people spend enjoyable time together with other from domestic and international origins.