“Erci̇yes Bi̇ke Park”, Turkey’s First And Only Mountain Bike Park

“Erci̇yes Bi̇ke Park”, Turkey’s First And Only Mountain Bike Park

High quality tracks have been built on Erciyes, which has the first and only downhill bicyle tracks of Turkey, designed for Downhill  (Cycling down from the hill), which has an importance place among cycling sports developing throughout the world and they are forwarded to the use of cyclists at beginner and advanced levels.




This activity is easy to reach, but it is a very challenging sport in terms of control and technical issues, as you take your bike to the top of the mountain by cable car or shuttle and leave yourself to the excitement of slope. Specially designed and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, downhill bikes continue to evolve according to rugged and rough roads. It is not so easy to ride a bicycle in this discipline that arises from the rapid convergence of technical and acrobatic movements as you descend from the slope. Excessive attention, power, control ability is required, and this sport requires technicality at maximum level.




Erciyes Bike Park, Turkey's first bike park, continues to work endlessly to ensure his own place at the international level every year with different innovations and expansion works. The mountain bike, which is among the indispensable sports of the summer months on earth, introduces the different experiences that women, men, children and elderly people, from 7 to 70, will make in nature. Erciyes Bike Park is very sensitive in this regard, building tracks for Downhill and Enduro type racers in the championships, while also building training areas and tracks on Mount Erciyes for mountain bikers for people of all ages. At Erciyes Bike Park, there are now 4 different trails for downhill and other mountain bike users depending on the difficulty level.



Green Trails: 1.7 km in length, there are adrenalin-enhancing elements such as return walls, ramps and stone passes. This park can be used easily with every amateur bike.

Tekir - Develi Trails: It is 2.2 km long and starts from Tekir at the top and extends to the Develi Gate. This trail, which all amateur cyclists can use, has ramps, return walls and pump areas. The land structure consists entirely of soil.

Blue Track: A track designed for a little more advanced and professional users. There are much improved trails with harder walls, drop ramps, stairs and soil ramps at, 6 meter long and higher difficulty level. It offers adrenaline to cyclers.

Black (Expert) Trail: A track at the very top level at World Cup level. There is a transition from Blue track to the Black track. Here is a tree ramp with 10 meters length and 66% inclination for good jumpers with an average height of 2.5 m.


At Erciyes Bike Park, where all kinds of courses are available for professional and amateur cycling athletes, each cyclist who uses a mountain bike can test the course first and then choose the appropriate course afterwards. Again in Erciyes, there is a training center which also serves for beginners for the first time in Turkey, including pumptrack, techjump, wood corner and woodenwall.


The mountain bike trails in Erciyes Tekir are divided into different branches and difficulty categories. For example, if you have a crosscountry bicycle that is double or single suspension, you have a 140-140 mm bicycle that we call allmountain, and you want to make some effort. Beginning from Tekir highland, you can climb 140m and 690m in length 12km to the picnic area of ​​Kıranardı. You can also use a park with 700m descent and 700m climbing in 25km length starting from Tekir and getting back to Tekir. Of course, it will be easier for you to continue to the city center when you use Kıranardı road. If you want to make yourself more adept on the ramps and on the turns, you can get used to the equipment and the obstacles by using the training courses in the Tekir area regardless of the type of your bike. For Crosscountry, All Mountain and Enduro, you can experience all the trails that travel all around the mountain, which is over 250km in total. With trans-tours and day tours you can do with your tent, you can explore the mountain and you can ride at night in some areas.


If you are using more acclaimed products such as Downhill, Enduro or DirtJump then Tekir Downhill trails will be your first stop. Starting from the amateur level, there are different areas you can use up to the courses in flow and professional level. If you want a track with more challenging obstacles such as ramps, spinning walls, stone fields, you can try the Tekir European Championship course. If you want to try the tracks that are faster and more obstructive, we recommend Tekir Green and Tekir - Develi trails. There are obstacles in the Tekir green track, ramps, return walls, but the speed limits are lower. Almost all of the amateur tracks built in Erciyes Bike Park were organized with a soft soil structure. A trails that will make you feel safer while cycling is waiting for you. If you want to be on a trail that is much faster and debris, then go to the Develi track from the first distinction on the Tekir Green trail and experience the pleasure of disappearing between the speed and the wind. There are return walls, pumplets and ramps on this track, but they are all aimed at achieving more speed only for flow purposes. You still have to be careful on every track.


If you are not very satisfied with all these, check out the newly built PumpTrack and Sponge pool area. In addition to improving yourself, we offer an environment where you can meet your limits to push the boundaries a little. After further development in these areas, we recommend you to try our European Championship course once more.


Erciyes attained a great achievement with its bike park project with the UCI (International Cycling Union) 3 years ago, by organizing Turkey's Downhill race in the first year in its own rules. Given the level of Downhill competitions, no organizations could be made before as recognized by the Federation and UCI Erciyes Bike Park in Turkey. This was the greatest contribution of Erciyes to Downhill sport. From this point onwards, the number of professional and amateur athletes starting to increase in Downhill and Enduro started to increase. Because it is the most important characteristic for people to satisfy their competitive feelings, meeting with athletes at the international level has had a positive effect on athletes living in Turkey. We are proud that we are on your way to seeing all of the children in the neighborhood trying to ramp a little today. Although not in the short term, Erciyes Bike Park is working on a program that can raise racers for the Downhill world championship. It is improving its infra-structure to be able to train successful athletes in the Olympic class ranging from the youngest age athletes to the world championships. The biggest goal here is to raise awareness on bicycle sports.


What should be considered?


When you come to Erciyes bicycle trails, you need to be careful about your health. Never forget that all mountain bike types and other bicycle sports should not be done without helmets. At the point where people say helmet saves lives, be sure to observe how valuable your life is. As you know, Erciyes Bike Park is a mountainous area and around the trails you might bump into gaps, stones, obstacles and so on. In the event of a fall, your helmet will be the equipment that will protect you in the most important way. As a result, the use of helmets is mandatory on these trails. You can not get into the park without a helmet. However, we advise you to attach priority to use breeches and armrests even if it is not compulsory. It is very important that you choose the versions that are suitable for your bike use in these products, the flexible and wide knees, the armrests allow you to be more comfortable on the tracks. The choice of bike is also important, at this point everything is up to you, so if you want to ride more, it is very important that you choose a bike suitable for that ride.


Tips from Emrah Özbay, a Bicycle Park Specialist


I started using Enduro bicycles in 2016, even though I had used Downhill bicycle for a long time. I use two bicycles with 170-170 mm suspension. It gives me the chance to run all of the tracks on the mountain, including ramps, even not 100% Downhill performance, but around 70%. At the same time, I can use it in areas like flatland, climbing and mountain tours. For a more workout and cross-country focused ride, I can recommend an XC (CrossCountry) bike that runs 100-100 mm directly. Despite a lot of downhill performance, such as climbing and leveling, DH (Downhill) gives you a performance that Enduro bikes will never give. Of course, mountain bike types have a lot to offer, Trail, Fat, Allmountain, Freeride is some of the long-list. Fat bikes have plump wheels and take you a ride stone, earth, snow, beach, anywhere, even not very quickly, as well as being a fun and joy bicycle.


Helmets are very important; you need to use the FullFace (similar to a full face helmet - a goggle similar to a Motocross helmet), such as Downhill, Enduro or even Allmountain. If you use your Enduro and Allmountain bike on regular courses for both climbing and landing, Enduro (Half-the nape of the neck is longer and your head is protected from the rear from the rear). XC (The half-bottomed mountain bike helmet is similar to the enduro helmet but the neck is shorter, designed to let you look up at more steep climbs). Dirtjump and Bmx helmets (We consider these as mushroom heads among the public, and small appearances compared to other mountain bike helmets are usually heavy because of their high compression ratio).