5 Days On Erci̇yes

5 Days On Erci̇yes

One of the renowned ski centers in Turkey, Erciyes is included in the Cultural Slide Tour programme thus maintaining its claim to become the leading actor in the concept of cultural slide. Famous for its dusty snow, Erciyes can host you for 5 days and provide you with some activities. We have some advices on what to do, where to visit and what to eat on Erciyes? 

Erciyes is an important ski center in Turkey thanks to the length of its ski tracks, its dusty snow and the length of its ski season. Erciyes is preferred quite a lot, thanks to Its location in Kayseri, its proximity to the airport and city center and the easier means of transfer to Cappadocia Region as well as a large number of touristic places throughout the region, which is almost an open air museum.

You can take a visit to Erciyes in order to stay in the rooms from which you could watch magnificent snow and in which modernity and architecture is integrated, make ski sports as mush as you want, have fun in parties and have enjoyable time with your family.
Erciyes, which is located right in the middle of Turkey and to which you could reach through highways, railways and airways, is waiting for your visit.

1st Day: First of all, welcome to Erciyes, our tourism heaven. We will start the day by having breakfast in open air full of oxygen under the insatiable landscape of gorgeous Erciyes Mountain. This delicious and unique breakfast full of regional and natural tastes will be finalized with sausage for which Kayseri is famous thus letting you have a terrific start to the day.

Step on the ski track!
At Erciyes Ski Center we can guarantee that you will enjoy winter sports. Like everyone who comes to Erciyes, you will be looking forward to stepping into the tracks. With powder snow you can try different winter sports all day in Erciyes, one of Turkey's and the world’s best ski resorts. Our expert instructors can give you lessons to help you. Erciyes can be explored with snow engines. With our gondolas you can make a trip to the mountain peaks.


Eat After Skiing!

Kayseri's traditional flavor is sausage bread. You will be attracted to it with the smell of fresh tomatoes and peppers on the jars waiting for those tired of skiing. You also have the chance to taste the food at your hotel restaurant. In the evenings entertainment and banquets are waiting for you

Discover Kayseri!

After lunch, the tour starts. Our first stop will be Gevher Nesibe Hospital, the first medical center of Anatolia. The treatment units established by the I. Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev in the name of Gevher Nesibe Sultan, 2nd Kılıçarslan's daughter, for the mental illnesses will attract your attention. We will continue our visit with the Kayseri Selçuklu Civilization Museum, where the works of the Seljuks are exhibited. We will closely observe the history of the first Seljuks of Anatolia in our visit to the museum which is supported by interactive applications which will be intertwined with the history in the museums.

Historical visits include Zeynel Abidin's tomb visit as followed by the Köşk Medrese where Eretna Bey and his wife Doğa Hatun are buried and next comes the Hunat Mosque and Madrasah visit, which were built by the wife of Alaeddin Keykubat' s wife Mahperi Hatun. The tour will be finalized with the visits to the Ethnographic Museum and Güpgüpoğlu Mansion.

Have fun in After Ski Parties!

After finishing your trip, you will return to your hotel and join barbecue parties, concerts or after-ski fun awaiting you. You will have unforgettable nights with the view of the illuminated tracks.

The 2nd Day: Our day will again start with an amazing breakfast on the skirts of Erciyes. Erciyes will be waiting for you just after the breakfast for winter sports and ski activities. The tour will start again after spending the morning with snow activities like snowboard, ski and sled.

Rota Talas Ottoman Street is one of the points worth seeing thanks to its authentic structure, original view still retaining Kayseri’s historical fabric. Having surplus amounts of space for taking photo, recording your memories, the street is a great place to wander around. The underground city located in Talas is a must see place.  You really must see Yamandede Mosque – bazaar, Historical American College, stone houses and churches dating back to previous centuries. There are lots of places in which you could find unique tastes of Kayseri in Talas. However, we advice you to have coffee in Erguvan Café located in upper Talas, with fabulous Kayseri view. The Mother Miriam Church, one of the historical heritage items included in Kayseri Culture Road Project, is another point to visit on your way back to Erciyes.

3rd Day: Our day, to which we say hello with Kayseri’s regional flavors, still goes on with an intensive itinerary. You’ll have fun on Erciyes and be content with winter sports on the skirts of gorgeous Erciyes. After having your time with skiing and snowboarding, you are advised to take Snow Kiting on Erciyes. Those willing to have this incredible experience and adrenaline can find all types of equipment in our ski center. 

After saying goodbye to Erciyes for the time being, we will take a visit to Gesi which gave its name to the folk song Gesi Bağları. Having been the cradle for numerous civilizations throughout history, Gesi is also full of history just as all places of Kayseri.

The Armenian houses will take your attention with their unique building style. The dovecotes dating back to 19th century, which are almost like an open air museum, are one of the must-see points.

As you have arrived in Gesi, you should also pay a visit to Sinan the Architect’s house in Ağırnas neighborhood, who became renowned all over the world by his architectural works. You could also visit the underground city in Ağırnas which is known to date back to times before Christ before leaving Gesi.


4th Day: Now, we are on the second last day of our 5 days tour. We know that you’ll never want to leave Erciyes as the times for departure gets closer. Our day will again start with the delicious breakfast. Today, we will say hello to natural beauties in Erciyes. Being one of the point most visited by both domestic and foreign tourists, Gereme Ruins is waiting for your visit on the south skirts of Erciyes mountain. Then, there is Sultan Reefs which is a unique beauty that is declared as a Natural Protection Area on the left of Erciyes Mountain. Thanks to its biological variety, ecosystem richness, it includes almost 300 different bird species and 400 kinds of plants, Sultan Reef will captivate your soul as a wonderful place.

We will set off for our visit to Kayseri neighborhood to breathe the historical fabric including unique old style courtyard once the Erciyes visit is over. We will have an irresistible lunch including all famous dishes of Kayseri in the restaurants located here, and continue to our trip with a visit to Kayseri High School, which witnessed history and was subject to movies, and which couldn’t graduate any students in the years 1920-21 since it sent all of them to Sakarya Pitched Battle. We will visit the Kayseri High School National Fight for Freedom Museum which was established based on its honorable story in previous years.


5th Day: We have come to the final day of our culture tour named 5 Days in Erciyes. Since it is going to be hard for us to say goodbye to gorgeous Erciyes and Kayseri, which is full of history, we will have farewell party in Nevşehir Cappadocia. Erciyes Dağı ile Aksaray’ da bulunan Hasan Dağı’ nın volkanik patlaması ile oluşmuş, Kayseri’ ye yalnızca 70 km. uzaklıktaki, yer kabuğu harikası, benzersiz kayaç yapılar Peribacaları ile buluşmak üzere yola çıkıyoruz. Oluşum şekilleri, eşsiz duruşu ve asırlar boyu medeniyetleri ağırlayan sınırlar gezilecek ve 5. Günümüz Nevşehir’ de tamamlanmış olacak.


Find yourself in your comfortable room at the end of the night!

We set off towards Kayseri and Erciyes once again after our trip to Cappadocia. Fabulous dishes will be waiting for you if you reach to Erciyes at evening times. Then, talks and parties are made in front of the fireplace. At the end of the night, you will have the privilege of staying in spacious and quiet places. After a good nights sleep, you can begin the next day with a new excitement and enthusiasm. But, you shouldn’t forget that it is impossible to enjoy Erciyes in 3-5 days.