The wonderful pleasure of Erciyes Ski Center

The wonderful pleasure of Erciyes Ski Center

Eray Dursun ( Novotel )



We have left behind an incredibly intensive ski season. This year, the ski season has been experienced as one of the longest ones of recent years thanks to the unbelievable increase in the number of visitors as well as the advantage of surplus and continuous snow fall.

This fruitful season left behind has not only provided positive contribution to the enterprises maintaining their economic activities in the region and several other sub-fields providing support to them, but also provided vast opportunities for employment in the city. The rate of occupancy rate has been a lot higher when compared to the figures of previous years, as well as increase in the rate of income per room. In addition to high rate of occupancy in enterprises providing service in the Erciyes Ski Center, the commercial enterprises in the city center such as accommodation enterprises, shopping places, catering and beverage services, agencies and tour operators organizing transportation services and tours center, gathered positive results throughout the period. The high rate of demand for Erciyes Ski Center has extended to Cappadocia region as well as surrounding cities. While the demands from ski visitors for Ürgüp – Göreme and Uçhisar, which are known to be mostly idle during the winter season, provided extra commercial activity to the region, there was an increase in the rate of daily tours, balloon tours and cultural tours with high rate of accommodation needs.

Erciyes Ski Center has now become a rising trend and it is sure to continue with higher rates in the future.  We have set off to make negotiations for the next year, and under the leadership of Erciyes A.Ş and in collaboration with sector representatives from accommodation facilities and tour agencies, we have made introductions and mutual negotiations in globally forerunning tourism fairs such as Utrecht Tourism Fair, Berlin ITB , Kiev UITT , Moscow MITT,  Dubai ATM, and we will be visiting World Travel Show Poland and World Travel Market London fairs to make negotiations to provide support for civic economy throughout the year. We could clearly observe in the negotiations we have held that the rate of recognition for Erciyes Ski Center has been promoted and the demand is rising.

When it comes to the grounds behind this increase, we could make a list like the professional management of the ski center, the quality of equipment used in facilities, the assurance for continuous ski even when the snow fall is low thanks to the work of artificial snow machines, night-ski service which is not found in most ski centers, ability to use and reach four gates with one single card, provision of different ski-tracks for skiers in different levels, easy and safe transportation services, proximity to the city center and lots of magnificent museums to visit during non-skiing times, prevalence of surrounding natural beauties, existence and recognition of international chain hotels as well as accommodation opportunities for any type of budget etc. Just imagine that; you complete one day with skiing activities under the culture visit model, and wake up to a new day by flying in a balloon over the fairy chimneys, there is no other ski destination that you could do something like this. Of course, ensuring that you visitors leave the region with happy feelings is an important phenomenon; our visitors could easily share their negative and positive feedbacks with everyone over the social media. The higher rate of positive feedbacks not only paves the way for a positive advertisement activity, but also works as a motivating point for current visitors to come again. This season, we have observed that there were lots of ‘’Repeat Guests‘’. Erciyes Ski Center has been found worthy of “Certificate of Excellence” by, which is regarded as the most respectable traveler comment site in the world, is an indication of this achievement. In addition, we, as accommodation facilities managers, are responsible for hosting our guests in the best way, and both hotels of our group providing service in Kayseri, namely “ibis Otel Kayseri” and “Novotel Kayseri” have been found worthy of “Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame”. This prize is given to hotels which get “Certificate of Excellence” from for 5 years in a row and we are so proud to have brought this prize to Kayseri. Likewise, our hotel, “Novotel Kayseri” has been identified as the “Best Managed Hotel in Central Anatolia for 2016” thus bringing this prize to Kayseri for the first time.

The second we observed this year is that most of the increase in the number of visitors has originated from foreign tourists, while this was the case with domestic tourists in previous years. According to our data, the first three countries that we receive tourists from are successively Ukraine, Poland and Germany, and the case with domestic market is respectively İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara.

For the next year, the number of direct charter flights from Ukraine, Moscow and Poland will be raised and we are maintaining our negotiations to organize direct flights for domestic origins as well. As a ski center, this trend will be maintained in Erciyes Ski Center by further increasing the season by adding new alternatives during the summer season, such cycling, trekking , camping and lots of other organizations thus providing added value to civic economy.