The town of stone houses: Tavlusun

The town of stone houses: Tavlusun

Writer: Hayrettin Doğan

This time our way have passed from Tavlusun, the place of stone houses. Our travel have been easier than those before since the location is close to the city center and we have some acquaintances in the place, we never had the feeling of foreigners here.

While Tavlusun was once a village connected to the city of Kayseri, it has obtained the status of a neighborhood under the new municipal law along with its old structures. In the past, Armenians and Rums used to inhabit the place. We can understand this from the still erecting churches in the location. In the past the Rums, Armenians and Turks used to together here in peace, we have learned a lot about that from our elders. As far as I remember, there used to be water fountains in the location. Unlike now, there were no water taps at each house. People (Armenians, Rums and Turks) came together and talked with each other around this water fountains. That is, there was once a way of humanly life in this neighbourhood.

The location is at right east of Kayseri on the state highway. It is a small settlement area just near Germir and Mimarsinan neighborhoods. As the village population consists mostly of men, it’s very hard to find anybody in the place during the day. The kids go to school and men go to work so there is not much people during the day.

While the neighborhood was once a village, there was a dolmuş in the place. And all the people used to gather at Tomsu square and talk about this and that.  They used to play instruments and sing songs all together. The mansion of the then mayor used to be here, as well. And we can see that some parts of the mansion are still upright, notwithstanding the doors are locked.

We see some vineyards in the location. People used to cultivate grapes as a way of living. However, as the population is less and most people work in the city center, the interest to grape cultivation has diminished. Old style houses can be found in both sides of the road. And most of them have two floors. While the upper floor is used during the summer, the ground floor is for winters. I am also lucky to have had my childhood in such houses. The basement of the houses were used as a chill store. Because, there was no electricty and no fridges. There used to be barns right next to the chill stores for those having thir way trough animal breeding. But now, all of them have lost their functions, not even animal breeding and no others….And the seethers used to crush grapes for molasse during the vine-harvest are left in a corner.

It’s possible to see the old style Arnavut pavements on the street. There is a really pretty tea-house in the neighborhood. Even the most prominent figures of the city visited here to play games….

We are visiting a house in the final stage of our journey. The inhabitants of the house meet us at the front door….We also express our gratitude about this. We are leaving the house after a short talk. And our Tavlusun adventure is ending with these beautiful photos…