Kayseri Travel Notes ( Talas )

Kayseri Travel Notes

 Eray Dursun / Novotel & Ibis Hotel Kayseri CEO


We are going on our travel notes with Talas which I believe is going to be one of the important visiting points in Turkey.

Talas is waiting for its visitors with its history, natural habitat, hospitable people and interesting surprises that could emerge every now and then.

Talas is 8 km away from Kayseri city center and it’s possible to get there not only with your private car, but also with bus and tram.

We have started our trip with a short walk on the outskirts of Ali Mountain. Mount Ali is formed with the erupt lavas from Erciyes with a height of 2000. The common place for para-gliders, Mount Ali has hosted and continuing to host a large number of championships on the national and global scale.  While going on our walk, we took pleasure to hear the birds singing and murmuring Bızdık song; ‘’Mount Ali, the best of mountains, hugging huge Talas, we climbed down to Hisarcık to have cherries‘’…

Having finished our walk on Mount Ali, we started to go towards the Mount Ali Underground City which is so close. This underground city has a peculiar characteristics; if you walk inside for nearly 300 meters, you suddenly see an underground cistern. With a history of 1300 years, the underground city dating back to the Byzantium times has a cistern, drink house, wells, rooms and huge connection tunnels.

Having completed our trip to the underground city, we moved towards old Talas. On our way, we   saw the amazing beauty of stone building of Talas American College built in 1871, worth seeing… After a little walk we meet the Yaman Dede Mosque in Tablakaya neighborhood with its huge view. It was actually a church which was built in 1886 during the reign of Sultan Abdülhamit by Metropolit İonnis. It was originally called Rum Panaya Church in its era and was then restored to become a mosque in 1925 taking the name Yaman Dede mosque. It is currently being used as a mosque open for prayer. I strongly advise you to visit the Yaman Dede Mansion nearly 100 meters ahead to observe the mansion culture of Kayseri.

Our last stop in Talas is Ali Saip Paşa street. Thanks to a successful renovation, the street makes you feel like you are back to the future. You are first welcomed by the Ali Saip Paşa mosque built in 1888 (nearly 1 km away), Ali Saip Paşa fountain built in 1886, renovated Tol church, mansions, small cafes, antique shops and arts workshops. It’s possible to see the perfect examples of stonemasonry here. Ali Saip Paşa street is a must see both during the day and during the night. You will feel a different pleasure while walking around on enlightened Ali Saip Paşa street during the night.

Having passed a day in Talas and leaving so many important points unvisited, we said good-bye to the place. Upon seeing Talas waving us good-bye with good memories, I felt like daydreaming with so many natural and cultural beauties, …  We are leaving Talas for now to come later …



Special Advices from the Writer:

·         Wear casual and sports clothes

·         Don’t forget you camera, if you’re taking photos with your smart phone make sure it’s fully charged

·         Give a coffee break in the cafes under the Yaman Dede Mosque

·         Don’t forget to listen to the detailed information from the guide when doing underground visit

·         Visit the art workshops and antique shops on Ali Saip Paşa street

·         Don’t forget to share the beautiful photos you took on social media