Kayseri Travel Notes - Ağırnas

Eray Dursun / Novotel & İbis Otel Kayseri general Manager

We are going on our travel notes, our current point is Ağırnas which is the birthplace of Sinan the Archtect and which is also a town full of history.

Ağırnas is expecting visitors with its historical texture, with houses exhibiting beautiful stone carvings, labyrinth like streets, 3000 years of history and discovered and undiscovered underground cities.

Ağırnas is 25 km away from the city center and it’s possible to reach there using the well-kept roads to the center of the town in 35 minutes. You could reach Ağırnas using various alternatives, I chose to get there using the route of Sivas boulevard, following the Gesi street, South Gesi  and Turan passing through Gesi graveyard.

We are starting our Ağırnas tour by visiting the underground city just at the entrance of the town. When approaching towards the underground city, it is pleasing to hear the sound of water, smelling the trees and flowers, we see a small park in the entrance forming a good alternative for the kids getting out of the underground city. After the underground city visit, we start walking towards the house which was inhabited by Sinan the Architect (nearly 750 metres of walk, if you don’t want to walk, you could go there with private car).

You are welcomed by the Sinan the Architect water fountain, after we drink water from here, we reach to Sinan the Architect house passing through the narrow streets of Ağırnas. We feel an indescribable feeling upon entering the house of Sinan the Architect, worldy famous for his works as acknowledged throughout the world with his works including 81 mosques, 51 mascids, 55 madrasahs, 26 Kur’an reciting places, 17 tombs, 17  almshouses (meal center), 3 remedy places hospitals), 5 water ways, 8 bridges, 20 caravansaries, 36 palaces, 8 vaults and 48 Turkish baths totalling up to 375. He provided service during the reigns of some Ottoman Sultans like Süleyman the first, Selim the second and Murat the third as the chief architect.  After having a look inside the house in details, we had a great walk around the streets full of history.

Having completed our tour in the streets, we are approaching towards the center of the town to see the Agios Prokopios Church there. Even though the church is not open for visit except some certain periods, it’s worth seeing to take some photos and a short walk around it.

After a great day, we are leaving Ağırnas with unforgettable moments.

Special recommendations from the writer:

·         Dress comfortable and casual clothes

·         Don’t forget your camera, if you are taking photos from with your smart phone, ensure that it’s fully charged

·         Take some tea with a thermos, and drink your tea in the forest area in which underground city is located, hearing the sound of water

·         Give a short break at Gesi Graveyard on your way to Ağırnas