Erciyes Mountain and Mountaineering

Erciyes Mountain and Mountaineering

The foreigners are very much interested in the mountain which host four seasons on a single day with its magnificent summits


Erecting just next to Kayseri and having been the symbol of city and a source of life for centuries, Mount Erciyes (3.917 mt.) is giving inspirations for domestic and foreign climbers and nature lovers.

As a person who has climbed to the summit of this handsome mount for 70 times, I can say that I have climbed there with people from almost all nationalities. I have been to there with people from Germany, France, Check Republic, Bulgaria, the U.K. and even Australia.

All of them said, “Erciyes is wonderful. And I will come again…”

I will be telling about our trip to Erciyes with one of my German friends, Wili (short for Wilfried Schobel):

My climber friend Wilfried Schobel works at a food company in Germany. He visits Cappadocia during his stay in Turkey. He sees the wonderful surroundings of Mount Erciyes from there. He asks the manager of his hotel “How can I get here? Could you please show me the way…”.

In the end, they call the tourism agency in Kayseri. One of acquaintances interrupts the telephone conversation and tells about me stating that only I could take him there, and I knew German, as well. Then, they find me

When thay called, I gave a positive reply.

I met Wilfried at the tourism agency on the way to the airport.

We were both ready, and once we got in the car, we set off for the Ski Center at Erciyes-Tekir Plato run by Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports.

We stayed there until midnight and talked with Veysel Değirmenci and Zafer Demiryürek.

Then, we got our backpacks  and set off for Çobanini. We were walking along the canal at nearly 3 in the morning Şeytanderesi sol kulvarından ve Hörgüçkaya yanından ilerleyerek saat 09.30’da Erciyes’in doğu zirvesine ulaştık.

It was a tiring climb. Because of the season, a lot of small rocks and stones were falling down from high…

We have lived all four seasons at the summit of Mount Erciyes!

The sky was absolutely clear and open when we set off from Çobanini. Stars were twinkling as if to show the way to us and they looked so close as if to grab with your hands. At first, we were caught by a mist and foggy rain up there. Then a snow… It was a must to see the cave originating from B.C. times when you climb there.

We have stayed at the summit for a long time and had a rest there with my friend Wilfried Schobel. Of course, we had lots of photos there. We have taken a timer photo of ourselves He couldn’t hide his wonder upon seeing the view from there and said “Vielen Danke mein Freund. Es ist Wunderbar !.” in German “Thank you very much my dear friend. It’s absolutely great!.“  

We started our journey down upon writing something into the memorial notebook at the summit.  We made it down in forty minutes using a different route. While climbing down he said “Oooo… Diese Weg  Deutsche Bundesbahn” that is “It’s just like German railways here”  and smiled.

When I took my German friend Wilfried Schobel back to the tourism agency, everyone was very happy. Especially my friend İbrahim Aksu who advised me to Wili(!)

It was a good climb … We have become a friend of trip and fate in a way. Wilfried went back to his country after the climb. However, our friendship is still going on. He invited me to Germany, however I could make it here, yet.

He is willing to come back here and I believe he will, wouldn’t make it for long?

 (Bekir DEMİRAĞ – Journalist / Amateur climber)